Your Partner in Shopping

shop15Welcome to my website! I am really are glad to have you here at my shopping advice site. You probably have some idea on what I am offering here?  I am here to help you shop and help you to save time and money while enjoying your shopping! Isn’t nice to read some tips and ideas on how you can do that, especially for the canny!

My name is Michael Buble, I Live in Wellington (New Zealand) and I love shopping, especially everything for the home and garden! I particularly love designer furniture! This site will be advising you on designer indoor home stuff, garden products like patio table and chairs and all trendy items for the home. 

I will also have a running feature on classic and current designers in the field of product design, architecture and furniture, especially my greatest love – designer chairs!

So please keep coming back for design ideas for your home, space saving tips and money saving ideas that are truly useful!

Love ya, need ya, want ya!!!!!!!!!