Who Am I?


My blog was created to be a guide to people (especially Moms) who are managing their financial budget and want to get some great designer ideas. Everyone needs to go shopping, even if it’s not for themselves but for their love ones, children and friends!

Having someone to help you through it will be very helpful, don’t you reckon? I am Michael Buble and I write this informative blog. I don’t only advise on how to buy cunningly but also WHAT to buy! My favourite house and outdoor products, my favourite designers and my top designer websites! My dream is to open a New Zealand store full of sexy designer furniture, carpets , porcelain and anything that is uber trendy!

Stay tuned to my blog to gain more knowledge and thoughts on how you can manage your time, money and other resources while getting yourself into a shopping spree. But also find the best designer products and advice on what’s happening man!