Designing A Wet Room

Wet rooms have become increasingly popular over the past decade as people look to a stylishly modern, but simple design for their bathroom.

As the name suggests, wet rooms are just that, watertight rooms that are simply furnished with a shower and possibly a shower screen to create a luxurious and minimalist environment.
Wet rooms work really well for en-suite shower rooms as they are generally smaller than the main bathroom, but any sized bathroom can be made into a wet room. 

Because a wet room must be watertight it is recommended that you use a specialist company to do the ground work; this involves creating a gradient for proper drainage and laying some sort of waterproof membrane or underlay on all of the walls.

Once the preparation work is done the walls and floor are tiled to your specifications; this can be done by yourself and will save you lots of money compared to getting a professional in. The shower fittings, radiator and other fixtures such as a shower screen or towel rack are then fitted to finish the look.

Adding a wet room to your house will ultimately add value to your property as they are really thought after, but bear in mind that you may need some planning permission if you plan to make any structural alterations or change the layout of the drainage system.

If done correctly, a wet room can add a touch of luxury to any house and will last for many years. Go to this great company for wet-room design advice.

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